New Great Dating Apps You Should Try

June 17, 2020
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Whether you are a complete novice dater or are looking for an exciting alternative to the most popular dating apps, this article will offer you some great dating solutions that are worth your attention.

If you enjoy being able to look for casual encounters with no strings attached, for discreet affairs on the side from your marriage or even a perfect soulmate you would spend the rest of your days with, you should definitely check out these great dating applications recently introduced to worldwide consumers. Each one of these dating destinations offers all the excellent features while limiting the randomness and giving a bit more certainty. Taking your preferences into account, you can choose an app that locates girls who cross paths with your everyday travels, women who like bacon or those with a similar sense of humor. From there, it all depends on you what kind of arrangement the two of you will work out. Check out our brilliant seven tips for getting swiped right, and choose one of these dating apps that you find most suitable. 


Forget about having to come up with impressive pickup lines in order to attract a girl at the gym or a local park. SWEATT is a fantastic new dating app that is aimed specifically at New York City's fitness community. It asks users various questions related to their workout routine and consequently matches with people who have compatible ideas towards fitness, lifestyle, and wellness. SWEATT will be available for download on iTunes early next week.

The Grade

The Grade aims to address the problem  – girls ignoring guys. The Grade intends to be free, «female-friendly» opposite of that. Basically, it expells «failing» members in order to create a vibrant online community of responsive, desirable and articulate daters. It is based on an «objective» algorithm that detects users who are disturbing, rude and undesirable in general. Your online activities within the app are ranked according to how popular your profile is (taking into account the content, the quality of the photographs you upload, how many likes you receive from others), responsiveness and conversation quality. Those who respond and get responses from others get a better ranking, as well as those who are able to communicate nicely while avoiding spelling mistakes and swear words. All of these factors contribute to every member's cumulative grade visible on their profiles.


Bumble is undoubtedly similar to popular dating apps, but it intends to help users avoid the drawbacks of the popular app – annoying and disturbing men and unresponsive women. Bumble really addresses the purpose of a dating platform, which is to meet new people and make friends. Whenever two individuals swipe right and both of them want to connect with each other, they are added to each other's list of connections. However, what makes Bumble different from tons of other dating websites is that once a connection is made, the woman needs to start a conversation within the initial 24 hours or the connection goes away forever.


Sizzl is way different from the majority of dating websites out there. It is the product of Oscar Mayer, the popular brand known for its bologna lunch meat. In this case, Oscar Mayer aims to unite people who like bacon. After one downloads Sizzl, which is available for free for a limited period of six months, a profile needs to be set up. Here, users may upload photographs, state their degree of love towards bacon and edit the profile however they see fit. As soon as you are done with that, you may start browsing other bacon-loving singles.


Score aims to get rid of half-empty profile descriptions and boring pictures. Here, users log in with their Facebook credentials, set up a profile according to their character, come up with their own username, and specify some details about themselves they feel like mentioning. The profile picture you use on Facebook will automatically become your profile image on Score, which you may keep or change for a different one. Then, you may choose up to three additional pictures to upload. These, however, will remain hidden or blurred, unless you start making connections on the site and the more «scores» you make, the more of your profile becomes visible to other users. In order to score, you may pick a particular topic and answer questions with a person whose page you have browsed. The score will determine how the two of you are compatible, thereby building up «score history». Score history is then a great way to break the ice with somebody you don't know and a good topic for a conversation with someone you already know. 


Happn is a unique dating application that helps users to connect with those you may have seen on the street or a public place. The application keeps track of a user's location and whenever another member is seen in a place you have visited before, his or her profile will appear on the user's news feed. Similarly to the way Tinder operates, Happn allows people to start a conversation as soon they have liked each other's profiles. Once a connection is established, you may feel tempted to break the ice right away. In that case, send a simple «charm» to indicate your interest. There is no need to fill out any questionnaires to find strangers who live locally and pass the same places as you.