Online Meetups – Beware of Fake Yes-girls

July 03, 2018

There are so many online profiles which specifically state the line «NO ONS!», which means the person is not looking for meetups or fates without obligations. This may appear confusing, as Tinder is well-known to be the undisputed top solution for casual noncommittal dating, where hunting for meetups and flirts is extremely effortless. But the reason why it doesn't live up to many guys' expectations is because they use it only when they are bored and in a playful mood. Dating on Tinder makes one even hornier and this leads to your chances with a girl dropping significantly.

Obviously, female users are there for casual flirts as well, but they don't want to announce it so broadly. A girl is likely to think that since everybody is there for casual dating, she would remain classy if she uses a line like «NO ONS». Therefore, it makes her feel a little bit better about it. But that's only a part of the reason. The other one and arguably the more vital one is that ladies are tired of «those guys», who are only looking for immediate action and can't hold their desires back until they at least meet in person.

1.    You Become Too Sensual

While it may be true that being flirty offline can be motivating, your performance may be more efficient if you stay sober. Not that many men in real life are so confident that they could reveal their sensual side to a woman. Hence, some girls may be attracted to such confident guys, who are not afraid of coming across as excessively sensual. 

On the other hand, Tinder dating is different from approaching someone on the street. Here, you don't get to meet the person, at least until much later. In many cases, guys are likely to lose their mind and sense of shame and they falsely believe that the quickest way to have it off is to talk about it. However, female psychology works a little differently and they need to feel comfort and trust. Most women actually need some time to warm up and get into the playful mood. It is very unlikely that you will manage to send her a message right in that moment when she is comfortably relaxed on a couch or in bed. Therefore, if you are using Tinder to look for casual partners, you should forget about you chatting skills for a little while.

2.    You Become Needy

It goes without saying that women are very intelligent creatures and they are perfectly aware of their strengths and how to use them. Those who are somewhat less attractive absolutely love Tinder for countless opportunities to meet up, which have never been so available to them. In real life, average looking girls don't get approached by guys who tend to care about what others might think of them. With Tinder, such girls get all the acceptance, attention and appreciation they could possibly look for. Guys are more exposed to being manipulated and are easily attracted to just about anyone who seems to provide access to intimacy.

3.    You Get Fooled by Yes-girls

Suppose she is able to get your sympathy, although she might be quite below your standards when it comes to appearance. But there are instances where such girls suddenly change their minds just as soon as the two of you get down to business. Many guys are confused by such behavior, and they have every right to. Consider this, why would you try to start a relationship with somebody who presents herself like a yes-girl? The only valuable advice in such situations is to skip that kind of women, as they will waste plenty of your time. In the end, such girls are likely to not be easier to get than others, even more attractive ones, maybe even harder.

Conclusion: You Destroy Your Future

The most universal conclusion to all of this is that male users that take their time to select the interesting matches are far more successful on Tinder. To cut the long story short, anybody who has very low or no standards at all inevitably lowers his bar and gets a worse ranking from other users. Apart from the selection process, the length of conversations you have with other Tinder users is also a significant factor to consider. This is exactly why you shouldn't ruin your dating prospects by coming across as being too naughty and talking about an encounter right away.

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