The Plenty of Fish dating site has over 88 million users worldwide. There are over 300,000 successful hook ups made yearly through the use of this site, in addition to many online relationships that have not had the chance to do a meet and greet session yet. This is a free, safe area for those looking for a partner to browse through profiles of others looking for similar interests. There is no commitment and plenty of prospects to consider.
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Besides being able to look through profiles, POF.com has fun features to help find the perfect partner. Find out if the person you have an interest in is one you should pursue by take the "Keeper" quiz. Input information pertaining to interests to find out which profiles online may be a potential chemistry match. Do an assessment of relationship wants and needs. Do a psychological assessment to find out if the values you say you want are truly want you desire. These online analytic tests will help find a perfect match.


Ease of use

The POF dating site is simple and fast to navigate through. The design is clean and pleasant. The screens are self-explanatory, making it a fairly easy way for users to browse and correspond without worry.

POF.com offers an extensive search option. Preferences can be input to eliminate prospects that do not fit the criteria desired. The search is done via drag-down list, making it a snap to quickly find people of interest. When using the POF.com search, the people who you browse will see your profile listed if you are an active member. This gives them the option in trying to reach out to you if you did not feel comfortable making the first move.


While it is free to browse profiles, as well as send an email to one that appears interesting, if you receive an email from another person, you will not be able to read it until you become a paying member. You have the option to pay via credit card or PayPal payment.



The makers of POF take pride in keeping safety standards high. Every time a new member joins the site, a POF representative reviews and verifies their profile details by reading their text thoroughly and running identity checks. These can be done by social media or phone, and now also by video verification, an option not offered anywhere else. POF also offers users the option to browse privately, ensuring that their details are 100% protected.


If you are looking for an easy way to meet people online, POF dating site is a great option. It is user-friendly for all and allows you to find people of interest before you decide to make a payment to correspond with them. You will have the freedom of picking a payment within your realm of affordability, allowing you to test out the features the site offers without making a long-term commitment for a lot of money.

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